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Cotton & Mesh Tote

Cotton & Mesh Tote

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Inspired by French market bags, our reusable everyday tote is a beautiful and practical essential. This tote can be used as an everyday bag, grocery bag, beach tote, you name it!

Fold it and stash it in your purse and it will barely take up any space.

Dimensions: 14.5'' length x 13'' width; handles 12'' long

Care instructions: Ideally you should wash your cotton tote every 3-4 weeks if you use it an average amount or more frequently if you use it often.

If you use your cotton tote for fresh produce, throw it in a cold wash every other week to prevent the development of unhealthy bacteria.

You can throw your cotton bag in with the rest of your laundry if you’re washing on a cold setting. If you wash your cotton bag in a warm wash you run the risk of shrinking it, so use cold water at all times.

You may choose to wash your cotton bag by hand:

-Add a small amount of laundry powder or other eco-friendly washing detergent to a basin of cool water
-Soak the bag in the water for at least 10 minutes
-Remove any stains by gently rubbing them in a circular motion with a stain remover stick or a soft sponge
-Rinse the bag in clean cool water until all the detergent is removed
-Leave the bag to dry naturally by hanging it up. Don’t wring your bag or you may damage the fibers that hold the bag in its shape
-If you want to iron your bag - turn the heat on the iron to a high temperature

End of Life:
You can recycle your tote with textile recycling. Cotton fabric is biodegradable both without oxygen and with oxygen and can be composted.
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