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Washable Coffee Filters

Washable Coffee Filters

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Coffee each morning? Yes, please!
Waste from the paper filters? Ehhhhh… not so much.

These cloth coffee filters are perfect for reducing your waste (and saving you money). Made of unbleached cotton muslin, you know you won’t be getting any bleaching chemicals in your morning cup. The thin, tightly woven fabric means that it will catch any sediment from your grounds while letting through the aromatic oils that make coffee so irresistible.

Baskets can fit in 8-12 cup conventional coffee machines or in pour overs. Cones can fit in 4-6 cup conventional coffee machines or in pour overs.

At the end of their life, you can throw them in your compost and let them return to nature.

• Boil for three minutes when you first receive filters; let air dry.
• Empty grounds from filter after each use and rinse off in the sink. Let air dry.
• When oils build up and you notice a taste difference in your coffee, boil for five minutes. Let air dry.
• When you’re done with it at the end of its life, compost it.

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